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Worldwide manufacturing and wholesale company creating décor inspired by luxury infused with style.


A Family Business Since 1863.

Mya Saray renowned in the business for luxury and class has been manufacturing our products for over 40 years. At MYA we take great pride in selling the highest quality products including hookahs. We pride ourselves in promising our customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Crystal Ware, Bohemian Glass, Porcelain, & Silver

Mya Saray, a name synonymous with beauty and elegance, specializes in a variety of unique giftware products that include crystal ware, Bohemian glassware, porcelain, and silver products. In addition, MYA carries different brands of crystal chandeliers and candelabras imported from the Czech Republic and our own line of chocolates.

Products that Suit Every Aesthetic

Our entire line of products ranges from high-end crystal ware to affordable silver products that suit every customer’s style and any budget. Furthermore, Mya Saray has a vested interest in most of the manufacturing plants it obtains its products from in Europe, and the Middle East. MYA Saray also owns their own manufacturing plant which puts MYA at the forefront of the Narghileh innovators and the prime distributor of our other lines of products. MYA is a world leader in design, distribution, and the sales of Narghilehs. We are pleased to present our exquisite and custom manufactured line of products in worldwide markets.

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Variety Style Sizes

Every MYA Narghileh comes in a wide variety of styles from the basic Narghileh that fits in our patented wire basket for easy portability; to the ornate bohemian crystal Narghileh that can be used as an ornamental or decorative piece in your home. Each MYA is unique in how presented, particularly because our clientele can mix and match pieces to customize them from the base to the burner. If during the life of your MYA natural wear and tear occur from use we offer a full line of accessories and replacement pieces too.

Highest Quality Patented Product

At Mya Saray, we pride ourselves on selling the highest quality Narghilehs and promise that our customers will be equally satisfied and impressed in ownership of our products. Additionally, MYA is always challenging themselves in reinventing the standard known

Narghileh by perusing cutting-edge designs, innovative leaps, and employing forward-looking technology. MYA is vigilant about securing patents in the United States, and have many registered/patent product in many countries in the world as well.

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