MYA Amazon Store Registration

In order to ensure continued success, and preserve the satisfaction of our valued customers, we are adopting new policies for all Wholesalers and private vendors offering MYA Products through If you currently have an Amazon Store Front that carries MYA products or wish to list MYA products on Amazon you will be required to register your listings with us.

Mya Saray, LLC is working with a legal support team, and Amazon’s Brand Registry to ensure the legitimacy and copyright protection of all MYA Products being distributed through Amazon.

In recent years we have seized thousands of Infringing MYA Products, and we continue to aggressively fight to preserve your investment and ensure that only genuine products are labeled as MYA Saray Hookahs.

Requirments for Approval

Requirements for approval:

  • All MYA Products listed must be authenticated.
  • All product descriptions must be accurate to the product listed.
  • All Images must match the product listed and describe.
  • Valid Proof of purchase either directly through MYA or any Distributor must be submitted

Please note, not all vendors will be accepted into this program.
Submitting an application does not grant automatic approval, your storefront will go through a detailed review, which could include reviews, customer care, and any reports submitted to MYA Saray by customers.

Please allow at least 7 Business days for processing.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Password Protected Form Below

Please enter the provided password below to view the required form for registration. If you DO NOT have a password please send us an email to with your information. We will send you the password if approved.

MYA Amazon Store Registration
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Proof of Purchase

All MYA Products must be authenticated; therefore valid proof of purchase must be provided.