Classic Bohemian Crystal

Mouth-blown and hand etched, our Bohemian Crystal is
carefully crafted to make a beautiful addition to any home. 


Extraordinary, Exquisite, and Timeless Pieces.

MYA creates this custom crystalware by using a colored overlay (or cased) cut crystal. Overlay crystal is comprised of a clear crystal base which is then covered by a layer of colored crystal. This colored crystal is applied using a hot technique and is done at the furnace.

Hand Etched and Hand Painted.

During this process of refinement – also known as cutting – this upper colored layer is cut with diamond wheels to create the pattern. This creates a striking layered effect that catches the light and captivates the eye. This detailed hand craftsmanship is visible in every detail and seen within the contrast of colors when the crystal is held to the light.

Mya Saray Elegance

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