Interior Design

Achieve the exact style you seek with a custom interior design approach that is truly unique.


Unique Decor, One of A Kind Pieces, and Savvy Style.

Mya Saray offers interior design solutions to its wide range of clientele from commercial to residential design services. Mya Saray represents one of the world’s finest manufacturers in home furnishings and accessories. At MYA we work very closely with our clients to develop designs that meet their specific requirements. We can help you morph any space into that dream vision you could only imagine. We make your this all a reality by mixing and matching harmonized color schemes employed with the use of complimenting patterns, textures, finishes, and materials. We also provide 3D renderings to showcase a realistic view of what the newly designed space will look like when completed all while allowing our clientele to make decisions based on solid knowledge and expertise.

Our services cover a variety of project types to include:

  • Interior Design for New Custom Home

  • Renovation of Existing Home

  • Design or Renovation of Commercial Space

Mya Saray Elegance

Our 6 Step Process

To help our clients attain their individualized interior design needs Mya Saray has formulated the following six-step approach to ensure a customized and refined process that we guarantee will meet every customer’s unique requirements; all while efficiently and effectively transforming ideas into reality.

Step 1

Initial Consultation

  • Meet with You
  • Ask Questions
  • Listen to What Your Needs are
  • Fully Understand Your Particular Design Requirements
Step 2


  • Develop a Preliminary Budget
  • Discuss Design Fees
  • Determine Construction Cost
  • Develop a Project Schedule
Step 3


  • Visit Your Space for Assessment
  • Obtain Measurements and Existing Floor Plans
  • Discuss Material and Finishes Options
Step 4

Preliminary Presentation

  • Initial Presentation of Design Concept by Use of Floor Plans, Photos, and Finishes and Materials
Step 5

Final Presentation

  • Present Final Refined Ideas
  • Discuss Any Proposed Budget and Schedule Changes
Step 6


  • Materials Ordered
  • Construction Work Scheduled
  • Work is Overseen by Mya Saray

Our interior design service is particularly beneficial for clientele who may not have extensive time to spend choosing colors, patterns, or finishes but want to make sure it’s all completed the right time the first time. Mya Saray provides onsite consultations with our client to discuss plans, ideas, and if ever needed to address any issues that may arise during the design process. Through working closely with our clients Mya Saray can ensure wide-ranging projects from as simple as finishing off a cohesive room theme; all the way to helping clients take underway an exclusively original and fresh project design from conception to execution.

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