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At Mya Saray we love to partner with amazing businesses.


Mya Saray distributes and sells our products at reduced wholesale pricing to qualifying businesses, resellers, and hookah lounges with qualifying licensure. I

f you wish to conduct wholesale business with Mya Saray you may speak with us over the phone at (866) 277-9MYA or email us at wholesale@myahookah.com to learn more.

You may also use the Wholesale Application form below and a representative will get in touch once it’s received and reviewed. If you are in India please contact the India office, the information is on our contact page.

For Immediate Assistance

Call 1 (866) 277-9MYA

Wholesale Application

Thank you for considering applying for a wholesale account with Mya Saray. To help establish your business classification, billing requirements, and to proceed with our internal review process please complete the form below. When your account is approved, we will bill according to your instructions and would appreciate payment within the Mya Saray terms.

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